Representative Lori McCann

District 6A, representing Nez Perce, Latah and Lewis Counties

Stronger Education, Stronger Agriculture, and Stronger Business, all for a Stronger Idaho!

About Representative

Lori McCann

I have a very diverse background, including careers in education, business, and agriculture.

I have lived in Nez Perce County, for approximately 50 years, being a graduate of Lewiston High School and of the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Science in education, along with working on a masters degree. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother, who has served as program coordinator and professor in the Paralegal and Legal Assisting programs at Lewis Clark State College for over 15 years. For the past 44 years, I have worked alongside my husband to manage his law practice, our family corporation (consisting of a cattle ranch, timber, and commercial real estate development), and our personal partnership in residential and commercial rentals. I am a past member of the Tammany School Board, a past president of the Idaho Association for Legal Professionals, current president of the Foundation Board for Lewis Clark State College, a Board Member of the Idaho Community Foundation, a non-profit board, a Board Member of the Idaho Business for Education organization, current secretary of the NPC Republican Central Committee, and a current District 6 Representative in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Having various experiences in the teaching field, running several small businesses, including a working cattle ranch, and currently serving as a member of the Idaho House of Representatives, make me uniquely qualified for this office.

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In Education

I will continue my work for policies that will encourage parental participation in Idaho’s Public Education arena.  In addition, I will work with the stakeholders (parents, teachers, superintendents, Idaho State Board, Idaho Department of Education, and others) to redefine the mechanism by which our schools are funded.  An enrollment-based funding or some similar form of funding, while protecting our rural/smaller districts, will provide a consistent and transparent means to fund our schools.  Lastly, as citizens of Idaho, we must work together to create a plan to update and maintain our school properties which are millions of dollars behind in maintenance and repairs. 

In Business

I will continue to support policies that encourage and promote a better business climate for our state’s small and large businesses.  To encourage growth in our business sector, we must be vigilant in reducing regulations that are costly and inhibit growth.  To encourage new business ventures we must continually review our business tax structure to ensure that our policies are fair, but friendly to entice new businesses to the Great State of Idaho.

In Agriculture

Our state has a long and steep history rooted in agriculture.  We have over 25,000 farms and ranches that produce close to 200 different commodities.  I will strive to continue my work to enhance every aspect of agriculture by supporting policy that encourages growth and helps our ag businesses thrive.  I will continue the work that was done this last Legislative session to encourage large animal vets to return to Idaho to live, work, and to raise their families.  Idaho’s agriculture remains one of the most important aspects of our State’s economy and we all need to work together to keep our ag businesses alive.

Lori and Bobbi

A Message from Lori

There has never been a more important time in Idaho’s political history than NOW to get involved in the process.

With the many out of state interests we are seeing and the sharp extremists on both sides of the aisle, my team and I need you more than ever to come to the polls to vote.  We need people that will stand strong for Idaho’s Public Educational Choices, and its deep-rooted history in a strong agriculture and business sector.  A vote for Lori McCann is a vote for Stronger Education, Stronger Agriculture, and Stronger Business, all for a Stronger Idaho!

Want to get involved?

If you would like to help with Lori's campaign by delivering signs, door knocking, phone calling or general campaign help, please call or email us.